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Sun Signs

Each sign has there own unique personality traits and characteristics. For example, the sign of Aries possesses many qualities associated with leadership, while Capricorn’s have traits most found in business executive’s and CEO’s. At the other extreme are signs like Virgos’ and Aquarius who are more community and volunteer focused. As well as signs like Cancer who delight in the comforts of home and making sure others are comfortable. Discover what your sign’s personality traits are.

Weekly Forecasts

Better than a daily forecast, weekly forecasts give an overview of the week, based on your sun sign. Discover what the direction of the week’s prediction means for you, how it may feel and what it means for your sign.


Tired of the hit and miss experiences dating brings? Get some clarity on who is compatible with your sign. And, get insightful reasons why previous dates failed to turn into a relationship.


While the sun sign represents your personality, your moon sign represents your emotions. This is a worthwhile sign for many people to take a look at because it often brings more insight into who people are than thought possible. 


Enjoy a greater in-depth reading for yourself or for your relationship. Personalized Natal and Relationship Astrology Readings reveals how the planetary influences affect your chart. 


“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.”
~ JP Morgan Chase ~

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